Pete's Tales

Wow, its been a long long time since this section of the web site was updated. 

The last time I wrote this I was in my 20’s (almost).  I recall mentioning that Dave had had a number of haircuts and Bren had bought some new t-shirts.  Let me reverse that now, Dave has had the same haircut since then and Bren is very happy with the way those t-shirts have aged, like fine wines or a rib eye steak.

We have had a huge decade so far.  We’ve been playing all over Hong Kong and we’ve cracked a couple of milestones, including over ten years in a row at the Yacht Club Ball (I hope Matt has paid off the committee for this year).  5 years at the Rugby Sevens Tent (still recovering from every one of those I think).

We really really really want to play in China again.  Our old haunt, the China Beach in Shekou, has long gone (now a Japanese Restaurant).  The only thing we won’t miss about that is the shots the owner used to give us, I think it was vodka mixed with north sea oil.  He was Danish!!! 

Macau is definitely on the cards for this year and we’ll let everyone know when that happens so we can take our fan club with us, if he is not doing anything that night.

We lost our Emma to Shanghai last year which was very sad, but we gained our Ivy which made us happy again.  Matt has bought new drumming shorts and Bau added to our collection of band children (with his wife, not with any members of the band).

The big disappointment has been the demise of the 9th State parties.  We have run out of venues.  The Star Ferry decided we were not their type of function (and almost tripled their prices) and we found a great replacement only to be told, as it is a government venue they weren’t allowed to have the band there anymore.  So if anyone has ideas for an outdoor venue for a huge piss up and a band, let us know, and we are so there.

Well they say no news is good news so I would make a great journalist as I have nothing else.  If people want to write in a suggest topics for me to witter on about then feel free to email me at

Oh, just for the record, that was not me standing about in my boxer shorts in the freezing cold and rain at the Pier Pressure gig, winning a bet for lunch at Ruth Chris Steak House.  That evidence was photo shopped. I was surprised anyone even suggested it was me, the guy in the photo didn’t have a six pack.  (I don’t go anywhere without one, preferably cold)

Play nicely everyone.
Pete Gilham
The 9th State Guy Who Never Shuts Up